Lucie Mallard

My six months internship started at the end January 2022 just when the Netherlands relaxed its pandemic rules a little.  I am a Master of Arts: Intercultural Management and Applied Foreign Languages student from Universite de Limoges.

The aim of my internship is to explore my professional opportunities in the areas of socio-professional counsellor or working as an intercultural counsellor for international companies hence my internship with Trompenaars Hampden-Turner.  I feel that this would build on my future goals. Previous internships have been in Germany and an internship in the Netherlands and discovering another culture will benefit my future plans and also improve my English language skills.

My internship with Trompenaars Hampden-Turner provided the opportunity to join the eLearning project which I have a lead part in and supporting programme management as well as support in preparations for keynote and training sessions.


Lucie started her final year of her Masters in September ’22 and will start her work-study program (which she successfully applied for) in the field of CSR, Diversity and Inclusion, at Legrand. Legrand is a French company, active in electrical engineering and is a world leader in low-voltage products for house construction and networks headquartered in Limoges.  She will assist the Diversity Director and the CSR Manager in the implementation and deployment of the Diversity and Inclusion policy and the HR CSR strategy globally in over 90 countries.  Success to her and well done!

“A year ago I told you that I was going to do an apprentice at Legrand. My internship at THT made me want to work in diversity and inclusion, and gave me the skills to join Legrand. Today, I am (almost) done with my studies and my apprenticeship, and I can tell you that Legrand is offering me a fixed-term contract for another year. So, this is the way I am starting my professional life!

A big thank you to THT for my experience in this wonderful team, without which I might not have this opportunity today.

The Limoges adventure goes on, what a city full of surprises!  Lucie”  (25 July 2023)