Privacy and Data Protection
Your privacy is very important to us. We aim to be as clear as possible about how and why we use information you have provided. This statement explains how we will use and protect any information that you give us when you access and/or complete any of our online tools. This also seeks to ensure we comply with relevant legislation concerning data protection and privacy.

Your name and email address details are never passed or sold to any employer, company or third party organization. We may contact you from time to time regarding events, publications, articles, and relevant news on our network and partners, but we will never use these details for direct marketing purposes.

Any personal information we had collected is deleted and no longer accessible once the completed period of the training event, e-learning, or coaching is completed. In all circumstances, the individual source of any responses we archive and use for statistical analysis and benchmarking cannot be identified.

This statement relates to the internet services provided to you as part of the services of diagnostic and profiling tools provided by Trompenaars Hampden-Turner. These services include the Intercultural Awareness Profile (IAP), the Intercultural Competence Profile (ICP), organization Values Profiler (OVP), various interactive Web-Apps including our Culture for Business App (CFB) and Covid-19 assessments., as well as all other online diagnostic tools and questionnaires provided as part of THT Consulting’s services.

What information do we collect and why?
We collect two categories of information from you:

  1. the responses you give when you complete the business and cultural aspects of our online questionnaires together with
  2. your basic biographical details such as your name and email address (only for profile tools)

Your answers are combined anonymously, through clustering mathematical/statistical variables with those we collect from other participants for the same questionnaire or online tool. This information is used to extend our anonymous statistical databases which support our benchmarks and thus validate the profile and data analysis.

We use Cookies to store your responses to part-completed sections of some of our online tools in order to be able to combine several questionnaire modules together in one submission of all responses. We do not use Cookies to track your usage or for any other reasons.

The generic and anonymous information we capture from respondents with our tools is analyzed to derive our cultural intelligence models and frameworks. This ensures we can benchmark and provide statistically sound analysis of our profile tools to help individuals understand their own cultural preferences and how they differ from others. We perform all this analysis ourselves – and do not pass any such data to any third parties for analysis.

Who will see or have access to your responses?
Your information can only be accessed by employers and partners of Trompenaars Hampden-Turner and it is not shared with any other party. Access to your information is strictly controlled to ensure confidentiality through systems of passwords and other technical protocols.

Note: If you are attending a training event or having a coaching session with one of our own consultants or approved licensed consultants where you will receive a personal profile, then in strict confidence, he/she will also have access to your profile (for a limited period of time) to help them in their counselling role with you to assist in explanation, interpretation and providing you with personal feedback for your personal development.