Fast Diagnosis

Get an accurate and fast diagnosis of your cultural status and challenges

 Effectively Visualize

Get a quick assessment of the cultural dilemmas  with comprehensive graphics that allow an effective offerview

 Digital Benchmark

Compare your situation with other organizations / industries / countries

 At your fingertip

Our digital tools are easily accessible every time and everywhere 


A suite of our diagnostic tools
which supports our solutions to realise your needs making them real through simplicity

Over the years we developed a comprehensive set of digital tools to make our projects and keynotes more effective. All our areas of interventions have a dedicated toolkit, a flexible set of instruments for assembly that support us in recognizing, respecting and reconciling cultural dilemmas. The decision whether activating the full toolbox or part of it is made according to the nature of the projects and the specific client’s needs. Tools for understanding the cultural DNA of yourself, your team, your department and your organisation.