M&A Scan

What is the Scan?

The M&A Scan provides users with a better understanding of and detailed information on the differences across organizational cultures. It provides users a new way of dealing with the tensions raised by different corporate cultures.

What is the purpose?

This Scan is intended to develop users’ understanding of the importance of corporate culture by providing example stereotypes from different types of organization. In spite of well developed processes for due diligence, many mergers and acquisitions are still failing to deliver the expected business benefits due to clashes in corporate culture.

Use this Scan to explore our approach based on extensive research and consulting practice that integrates different cultures and harnesses the best of both.

This Scan enables you to quickly assess your Organization’s Corporate Culture and compare with your new business partner organization.

When is it used?

This tool is commonly used in workshops to introduce Trompenaars Hampden-Turner’s framework for blending cultures during consulting interventions.  Participants can describe their organization’s culture (organisation A) and compare it to their new partner’s culture (organisation B). Likewise, participants from organisation B can assess their organization relative to organisation A. Once all responses are collected, participants can view an analysis of the responses, highlighting differences in perceptions and cultural comparisons.

The tool retrieves recurring dilemmas between the contrasting cultures from a merger database, aiding in resolving integration challenges. This innovative approach to mergers and acquisitions (M&A) addresses the limitations of traditional merger management by aiming to leverage the strengths of both legacy organizations while reconciling cultural tensions.

Following this overview, a detailed analysis is conducted of organisation culture for M&A using the comprehensive Organization Values Profiler, which employs 48 diagnostics for a thorough and reliable audit.