Sustainability Scan

This scan is designed for leaders to increase the sustainability of their organization.

We have identified ‘Ten Golden Dilemmas’, which exist between five relevant stakeholders. These dilemmas exist because resources are scarce. What is given to one stakeholder of the cycle must be taken from another. Yet paradoxically, values are abundant or potentially so. The more sustainable organizations are and the faster they can learn, the better they will do on benchmarks. If these benchmarks are accurately aimed at what customers want, then customer satisfaction will rise, shortly after higher levels of quality are attained. The revenue generated by satisfied customers will increase shareholders rewards, raising their readiness to invest by society.

What is the purpose?

The value conflicts between stakeholder, precipitated by scarcity at moments of time, have to be reconciled over time. It is difficult enough to resolve these dilemmas theoretically, but even this would not be enough to render the assessment methodology operationally. In order to do this, we need to demonstrate to assessors how the values we seek to reconcile should be measured.

When should it be used?

It can be used as a self‐learning tool to understand and deal with dilemmas created by competing demands by the stakeholders in business, but it can also be used as tool to prioritize the dilemmas you need to work on. Whenever a sustainability issue appears, this online tool can be used to look for immediate answers.

What makes it unique?

It rank-orders the importance of the multi-stakeholder dilemmas and allows you to score of the position you are and where your ambition lie.


Future upgrades include 360 version where all stakeholders can inform you about their view on the man dilemmas that need to be addressed for becoming more sustainable.

Fees per/year

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