Personal Value Profiler

The PVP enables participants to review and examine their personal values in the context of their professional work. There are no right or wrong answers and no orientation to any particular values is better or worse. People from different cultures or professions will necessarily have different perspectives and will wish to pursue and prioritize their interests that are not necessarily the same as others.

Exploring how you personally give priorities to different values and how these differ from other employees across an organization offers important insights in to the relationships employees have with their organization. This provides understanding of matters concerning resistance or support for change, the capacity for stability, sustainability and innovation. These can exert a decisive influence on the overall ability of the organization to deal with the challenges and dilemmas it faces.

This PVP (Personal Values Profiler) is usually cross-linked to our OVP (Organization Values Profiler) to provide further important comparisons to corporate culture. It has been developed by combining and extending our earlier frameworks based on our intellectual property. Each component has been subject to rigorous research and testing with extensive application in many client situations across the world and is also linked to our main corporate culture database of over 80,000 responses.